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Some of my favorite shots from the crowd at Coachella during Porter’s set (nabbed off instagram).  



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"When I was a teenager I wasn’t really into music at all," he admits later. "I didn’t have a record player for a start, and my dad would only have Radio Two on. I got into music really weirdly, at 14, straight into it, as opposed to other people who were, like, into The Beatles and all that other shit. I just wasn’t interested, I was more interested in soccer. Then at 14, all at once, I went through it all, really quick: Pink Floyd? Crap! T.Rex? Rubbish! Paul McCartney? Urrgh! Black Sabbath, ‘Paranoid’? Great! Know what mean? That was the first single I bought! Everybody else was into Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Greenslade, Pink Floyd, sixth-form crap, and I just didn’t get into it. I was a late starter, but I got into it really quickly when I did."

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XXXChange - Bounce
out April 17 on T&A

1. XXXChange - Bounce
2. XXXChange - Scrying For You
3. XXXChange - Panic Panic
4. XXXChange - U Do The Math
5. XXXChange - Bounce (Le1f Remix)
6. XXXChange - Bounce (Jay Fay Remix)
7. XXXChange - Bounce (Zap! Pow! Die! Remix)
8. XXXChange - Bounce (Nadus Remix)

XXXChange is a household name in underground music because of his production work: Spank Rock, Kele (Block Party), Win Win (Vice Records), Amanda Blank and Kid Sister, plus remixes for Bjork, Thom Yorke, TV on the Radio, Santigold, Kylie Minogue…  simply stated, dude is a BAWSE.  This is his first solo EP, and it draws equally from XXXChange’s years of DJing clubs and festivals worldwide, his wide-ranging studio expertise, and his background in Baltimore dance music.  

“Bounce” starts out with lurking mid-range synths and club drums, shifts gears to big room synths, then builds to massive dutch-house style drop.  No sooner than 8 bars into that hook, it shifts gears again, pummeling you with distorted bass stomps and the odd wobble.  Take note of XXXChange’s engineering details - told you he’s a pro! “Scrying For You” (originally titled “Wetwerk” in the T&A WMC promo) takes a completely opposite approach, opening with minimal space bleeps, gradually piling on synths and building to a smooth climax - watch for the hook at 3:15.  ”U Do The Math” is built around an accelerating bass bounce, similar to Aphex Twin’s “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball” but for the club, with spooky synths and a number of left turns.  ”Panic Panic” is definitely the hardest tune on here, with relentless vocal samples and big ass bass - fans of XXXChange’s DJ sets will eat this one up.

LE1F (Das Racist, Spank Rock) turns the weirdness up another notch on “Bounce,” throwing in Baltimore breaks and distorted as f*ck synths.  Jay Fay (T&A, Young Robots) brings it down to Moombahton tempo, injecting his trademark electro buzz and huge builds.  Zap! Pow! Die! (The Death Set) brings guitar stabs, big arena drums and a whole new drop, while Nadus (Brick Bandits) takes an equally unorthodox approach, jumping from half time drums and 2 Live Crew vocal chops to 140 BPM club madness.


Just made the most annoying track I’ve ever heard ever

my “Bounce” EP came out today!

it’s got remixes by @Le1f, @Nadus_ , @JayFayx and Zap Pow Die!

for sale at these fine online digital music retailers:


Our cover of walls is featured on Fader go check it out!

Set up shop out in the backyard today. Building the new win win live set in ableton with @drdevlinstein

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Old Exquisite Corpse we did for our show at The Arm Gallery back in 07.